Thursday, May 25, 2006

The "Postman" doesn't ring at all...she's too lazy

so i thought of several titles for this post...all of which were a result of me gloating, so i just picked one and went with it.

hey, remember that post i put up a while back saying that our mail person was too lazy to deliver the mail (see Refusal to Deliver posted Feb 4 of this year)? well, it's a little eerie but I was mostly right. you see, we got a package of mail today from canada post...with an apology. while the original theory was that the mail person was too lazy to deliver because the snow wasn't clear enough on our walk, it turns out that was only partially true.

the package of mail we got today came with a letter of apology. what?...yeah, you read me right. we got a letter of apology from canada post, apologizing because the lazy mail person (woman, in this case), that they fired in february of this year, was too damn lazy to deliver the mail she was supposed to so she was storing it in her shed. seriously, this is too good to actually feel true. but it is. the letter also stated that not only was she fired, but the reason it took so long for them to notify us was that this is how long it took for the winnipeg police service to press charges and recover the stored mail.

hell, i got mail that was post marked january 31st, 2006. i guarantee that this is something i'll be laughing about for quite some time. i may even frame the letter. why it took the police so damn long to complete their investigation, lay charges, and recover the stolen mail is unknown. apparently due process takes time, in which case they need to fine tune due process a little. this was, like, the one time of year where i was actually expecting important mail (mail with a timely nature...some tickets to the movie premiere my friend was putting on that took place on april 4), and it has to be the time that some stupid jerk at canada post decides not to do their job?! i hope they gave her at least 2 years (not very long, as far as i'm concerned, but probably longer than i should expect).

if anyone watches the simpsons as religiously as i do, you'll remember the episode where it was expected that springfield would get hit by a meteor and everyone tries to get in flanders' fallout shelter. that was the one where homer predicted what would happen to the meteor once it entered the earth's atmostphere with such surprising accuracy that bart and lisa were really freaked out when they realized he was right. i'm getting that same freaked out feeling about my rant. i mean, really, anyone that knows me at all knows that i rant about so many things i think i'm right about. who knew i actually would be proven right by a federal government agency?