Saturday, February 04, 2006

Refusal to Deliver

alright canada post, we've got a beef to settle, you & me! you're starting to piss me off now!

alright johnny, let's be fair. you can't blame an entire company for the shortcomings of one employee. one very lazy-ass employee.

where i live, it's been snowing...a lot. as a matter of fact it doesn't really seem to stop for all that long. we've had a mild winter. apparently, the milder the winter the more snow you get. so guess what. i don't even bother with the stuff anymore. there's no point in shovelling. it would be like mopping the floor in a bathroom at that woodstock revival they had in the 90s. in other words, completely useless because the more you get rid of the snow on areas where people like to walk, the more snow that falls.

so lately i've simply done all that i could do to make sure there was a path on the front walk that's about a foot across. a foot is plenty wide enough to have room to walk on. there's no problem here...

so here's where i get to the point. the last couple of days we haven't gotten any mail. i'm talking 2...3 days in a row. that never happens. so my wife pointed out what's happening here. the mail delivery person is refusing to deliver because the space on our walk is too narrow. what the hell?!

too narrow!!?!?! damn lazy mail person! your stupid union empowers you to the point where you look for the smallest excuse not to do your damn job. guess what? you're on the mail route anyway, walking by our house. just deliver the stupid mail because you get paid to do it.

so people say to me when i complain about this, "hey, how dare you be so brash as to call the mail deliver person lazy when you won't even clean your front walk?" and that's a valid point...except that I don't get paid to clean my front walk. the canada post person does get paid to deliver mail.

so just get the job done and there won't be a problem!


Anonymous daved said...

yah it really varies from person to person. when i worked as a deliveryman it was amazing how stubborn some people could be. of course it was also amazing how some people tried to take advantage of them. . . which unfortunately ruins it for the rest of us.

2/07/2006 3:31 PM  
Blogger agapetos said...

Perhaps you really just didn't have any mail those days, it does happen! We rarely shovel our walk, just stomp it down, and it hasn't stopped our mailperson! (I've always secretly wanted to be a mail delivery person).

2/08/2006 5:28 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

no, i'm actually fairly certain that our delivery person refuses to deliver when our sidewalk doesn't have a certain amount of space to walk on.

this isn't the first time it's happened where, coincidentally, as soon as the snow on our front walk is cleared or significantly "stomped down" we start getting mail again (every day). it is possible we didn't have mail on one day, 2 days in a row is rare (happens once...maybe twice a year), 3 days doesn't happen. even if the "mail" only includes solicitation from credit card companies, we get mail 4 or 5 days every week.

chances are your mail person actually understands that it's their job to deliver. and i'm sure our person would appreciate your optimism and faith in humanity.

2/08/2006 9:00 PM  

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