Friday, February 20, 2009

f**k canada post

alright, well if you're offended by that title then you'll probably be offended by this entire post. it's possible you won't be reading my blog anymore if that's the case. i guess that's the risk i take.

i'm so f**king tired of CP's bulls**t. our postal carriers are CONSTANTLY making baseless complaints about the state of our walkway. they complain that it's not shoveled good enough. the other day, after having had snow on the weekend i shoveled the walk. sorry, i'm not getting out the bloody ice pick. the walk way was flat, and remaining snow was packed down, and there was no ice.

what does our carrier do??? he walks right up to the f**king house, up the f**king stairs, right up to the f**king mailbox, drops nothing in it, and then walks away. this happens for 2-3 days in a row. then, the other day, a supervisor drives by. he gets out of the truck, walks up to our house with a stack of mail, and tells us that the carrier has written "needs to shovel" on every piece of our mail and has refused to deliver. even though he has been walking RIGHT UP to the mail box, that's where he stops.

hey, carrier, you're an asshat. it's f**king winnipeg in winter. you are a postal delivery person. gets some damn boots and deliver the f**king mail.


Blogger Kyle said...

Holy tamole!
I can't believe you were still ranting up until february of this year. I also can't believe I'm still listed as a contributor.
Well done.

10/07/2009 9:06 PM  

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