Wednesday, September 21, 2016

pudding brains

you wouldn't think customer service is hard, right? it's basically just being nice to people for 8 hours and then you go home. but actually, as far as jobs go, it's more difficult than many realize. you wanna know why customer service is so damn hard? you can put your hands down, i'll tell you.

i realized it on the way home from work today. it's not JUST because of the (sometimes unreasonable) demands and expectations that customers have. it's because you put up with those damn customers' attitudes all day, and manage to stay polite the entire time, but then you also have to GET IN YOUR CAR AND DRIVE HOME! and this activity forces one to encounter all the tremendous pudding brains who somehow have managed to acquire a driver license and were allowed keys to a motor vehicle. these idiots who, one can only assume, based on their driving, can barely manage to scrape together enough effort to keep breathing and blinking constantly have somehow convinced themselves that they can ALSO operate a car in a reasonable way. THEY CAN'T!

this woman today, while driving way below speed limit, apparently got upset that i wasn't driving far away enough from her and she slammed on the brakes of her car for no freaking reason and then looked in her rear view mirror to see my reaction. do yourself and the rest of us a favor, will you? stop f**king driving!! you're an ass and you're only making the rest of our lives unnecessarily difficult. maybe you don't have enough excitement in your life. GO SKY DIVING AND SPARE THE REST OF US YOUR PRESENCE ON THE ROAD!

i could deal with having a customer service job if these jerks who think they have permits to piss me off would stop preventing me from unwinding when i leave my place of work. there's only so much wearing down a person can stomach. unless, of course, i'm free to follow you to your next destination, get out of my car, greet you with a smile and then KICK YOU IN THE HEAD. then, by all means, keep being a jerk.


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