Tuesday, March 01, 2005

the rant is back!

alright. it's been way too long. but i make no apologies. i have a few rants on the way and i will begin with what has most recently provoked my rage.

my anger is directed straight at you academy of motion picture arts and sciences! you have pissed on martin scorsese for the last time. clint eastwood has never directed anything with half the scope that scorsese has. i don't even care about best picture, you can misdirect your best picture oscars for the rest of eternity for all i care. it's best director we're after.

there is not currently a director alive with as much talent or creativity as scorsese and you have ignored him too many times. you made things right last year when you gave peter jackson the award that he had previously been ignored for. even if rotk wasn't the best of 3, he deserved the award for the trilogy. what about scorsese?! he has deserved best director for everything he's done.

just the epic nature of his films is enough reason to put him over the top if the race is close. you people are insane and should all be commited to institutions where you will be closely monitored so that you no longer commit the crimes that have been perpetrated by you lo these many years!