Monday, May 21, 2007

working girls

so every once in a while when i'm bored i watch reality TV shows that i don't normally keep track of or even bother with. the other night i was really bored and happened across "america's next top model". for the most part, i'll spare everyone my thoughts on the show itself. but it was one particular situation that really made me laugh.

see, it was down to 4 girls and competition was getting ugly. but then the producers started to convey something to the audience. it was 3 girls against 1. this one girl, a russian girl, she was all sick and the rest of them were going out to the club. she declined even though they invited her, and they were being really nice. they were telling her how good it would be for her to get out and all that. but no, she wanted to rest. so what do the 3 girls do? they went to the club and started plotting. they were plotting about how they were gonna make sure she was the next one off the show.

it wasn't even that. it's the kind of thing you see on most reality shows so it definitely wasn't shocking or even surprising. it was the fact that the reason they were saying they wanted to get rid of her was that she was fake. she was phoney.

i practically wanted to shout at the tv..."YOU'RE MODELS, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FAKE! ALL OF YOU ARE FAKE!" and i'm not saying that cuz i hate models or calling them "fake" in an insulting way.

look, models are fake professionally. every day they face cameras and have to make faces and act a certain way and create certain moods. it was the fact that these stupid women convinced themselves that the other girl was the only fake one among them, even though they were just pretending to be nice to her. it was retarded.

what made me laugh is that the russian didn't end up leaving the show that week!