Thursday, March 06, 2008

american idle

what the hell?

the last couple of years i have been watching american idol. i honestly think it has been interesting the past couple of years. last year it was worth it, as blake lewis nearly took the trophy. he's a good beatboxer, and that impresses me.

the year before, yet again the better competitor took 2nd place, as taylor hicks beat out katherine mcphee. honestly, katherine was better.

this year has been ok so far. but last night pissed me off. those of you who watch know that it's 80s week. a bunch of people chose cliche, boring standards like tainted love and some of the other songs you see in the wedding singer. people, those songs are in a COMEDY because they are classic cheese.

but during 80s week, not one...NOT ONE person chose to sing a U2 song! WHAT?! not even the IRISH GIRL. come on carlie, even the aussie guy chose a song by an australian band in the last couple of weeks!

U2 was probably the greatest band in the 80s...during the entire decade. and not one person elects to sing a U2 song? granted, not all of them are attainable. i'm quite certain that "with or without you" or "running to stand still" or even "one tree hill".

you people are idiots.