Monday, December 29, 2008

the dolby drought

here's one for the "WTF WERE THEY THINKING???" list:

it seems as though dolby digital is no longer good enough for people producing blu-ray discs. wtf? first, i bought the incredible hulk and it contained it's english track in DTS alone. with only spanish and french in Dolby 5.1, those without a DTS decoder were forced to listen to the movie in (i'm gonna be sick) simulated surround.

now, after recently ordering firefly (thanks to a huge bonus i will be getting for working through the holidays), i notice that they also found dolby unacceptable. firefly is great...but wtf? dolby...not good enough???

listen jerks. the last time i checked, dolby has recently updated their standard to their "true HD" technology so that it would be worthy of the blu-ray format. so smarten the f*** up and stop leaving dolby out. i'm not buying a new amp. i'm not gonna do it!

stupid studios!