Thursday, June 07, 2007

the neverending jerk faces

saw a dog with a raincoat on today.

you people make me sick!

Monday, June 04, 2007


so, the other day i went to this place to meet some people for breakfast. we ate outside. it was weird.

but we're eating and talking and having a good time. the next table over there's this 60ish year old woman sitting by herself. she was drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. she hadn't been there long.

then this couple comes out, this man and woman, and they start talking to her. i'm thinking, "okay. so maybe they're her kids or something." then i start overhearing (read: straining to listen to) the conversation. they were asking her about the table.

the next thing i know, the woman gets up and leaves and the couple takes the table. i couldn't believe it. how self-important do you have to be to go up to someone at a restaurant and ask them to leave so you can have their table?! how self-important and stupid! i don't care if she was just drinking coffee. if she needs to leave, that's up to the staff of the place. one friend of mine thought he heard them asking, first, if they could join her. that's almost worse! you're going to intrude on time that someone has by sitting yourself down at their table and doing your own thing???

so the couple orders and they're talking all loud placing their order. then i had to laugh. they ordered food and everything, but to drink the guy had a beer and the girl had a glass of white wine!! white wine! at, like, 9am! my goodness.

but that wasn't the last of it. oh no! they had to leave their mark. for the finale, as they're leaving the table, the woman knocks the wine glass off the table. of course, it shattered. but she didn't bother to clean it up. i think they just paid for their food and possibly offered to pay for the glass. come on! clean the damn thing up.

people just piss me off sometimes.