Thursday, February 08, 2007

stupidity never takes a vacation

i'm sure no one who reads here has ever watched beauty and the geek (aside from the warden, of course). i watch it because i'm a geek and like to see stupid models make fools of themselves (as well as the models who make the transformation into human beings). the premise is simple. 6 beautiful and clueless women get matched up with 6 geek males to endure several challenges (challenges tailored for the beauties and those for the geeks). those who win challenges send 2 teams of their choice to the elimination room for quiz time where one team gets knocked off. contestants get sent home one team at a time until one team wins.

recently, with 3 teams left, 1 team one the big challenge so the other 2 automatically get sent to the elimination room. of those 2 teams, the girl in one team is the only one who has made no transformation whatsoever (she's a paris hilton clone who says her best feature is when she pouts). well, guess who won?' twin. after winning, both teams were standing there and, just as the host was attempting to summarize what was happening, the stupid airhead raises her hand and says the following:

you can take the blond to the ranch,
but you can't take the bikini off the blonde...
that was our focus coming into this tonight
we worked really hard.

put into context, that still doesn't make any real sense. the challenge and quiz questions were on the subject related to farming stuff. i'm going to stop now because if i further try to articulate how stupid this is i think one of the lobes in my brain are going to bleed.