Wednesday, September 15, 2004

musical minds

i've been thinking, lately, about people who say they're "open minded" when it comes to music. you know how it goes...someone says to someone else "what kind of music do you like?" then the person being asked says "oh, i'm pretty open minded when it comes to music. everything but...", then the person proceeds to say exactly what kind of music they hate and sometimes even why they hate it.

hey, don't kid yourself. you know you've said it...hell, i've even said it a few times. but is that really open minded?! if you say you like "all music" and then insert an "except for", you don't really like all music, do you?

for instance, i like a lot of music, but i hate that new country (basically everything after 1970 that's not johnny cash) and i can't bear to hear anything with an obviously mechanized beat (for lack of a better term, "techno", but i use that term broadly), and most pop. then again, i make exceptions in the "techno" area (e.g. joy electric), but i stand by my "country" statement. yeah, and there are probably a few others i can't stand, too.

point is, why don't we just stop lying to each other?! let me make the first move: i'm not open minded about music, and there's even a few artists that i think should stop making music all together (*cough*christina aguilera*cough*)!


Blogger youtoo said...

I prefer to say I like good music. I know that is completely subjective but I think good music is the only music worth spending money on. Like those so called open minded music lovers I too have a wide ranging style but before I purchase a Cd I ask myself "In 5 years ( for that matter 1 year) am I going to want to listen to this?" Most of what is pumped out on the mainstream music stations the answer to that question is a resounding no. I have made mistakes and do have a number of Cd's that I haven't listened to for years and may never listen to again, they just take up space. Regardless of genre Country, hip hop rock, jazz, blues, even pop ( Micheal Jackson)they all have good music. That is the type of music people should be interested in.

9/15/2004 7:39 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

yes, "good music". well, you've hit the nail on the head when you say it's a "subjective" term. but what you commented seems like the equivalent of "people should like the kind of music that they think is good." but is there any universally good music? do you know of any particular artist that even the majority of people would agree on as having produced "good music"?

also, the problem that has been present in "mainstream" music for a while is inconsistency. for example, you could buy a mainstream CD for $20 (now, usually not more than $15), and you could consider yourself blessed if 4 out of 10 songs were enjoyable (and that might even be a stretch). the problem is that asking yourself, "will this CD spin in a year" is, to some extent a futile question since you never know.

one person's treasure is another person's shite.

9/15/2004 8:37 PM  
Blogger Aslan said...

In keeping with your theme used with your movie rant. I would like to submit a list of music i hate. Note these consist of both genre and specific artists

1)This "hip hop" pop radio "music" crap we have to listen to all day everywhere we go
a)B. Spears
b)Avril (stop destroying good songs)

I know it's not a large list but i think my first listing includes a lot of artists. I will also be fair and post some music I consider to be good
1)Old skool Rap/Dance (early 90's)
2)80's rock
3)Heavy Trance


9/27/2004 11:28 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

just a few brief comments in response to aslan, thanks for posting your lists.

i hear you on the "hot 103" issue, but the face of winnipeg radio has changed with FLAVA 107.9. i know, they still play some stuff that's better off being left where they found it, but the station is still 10 times better than hot 103.

i mean, it's got something for all of us. old skool and new skool. you're not gonna hear the latest justin timberlake remix with nelly!

and i can agree with your second list if, by "good music", you mean 80s rock is something to laugh at.

10/01/2004 7:33 AM  

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