Tuesday, August 24, 2004

so biff wants to be a buff

in case some of you haven't noticed, i love movies. more than that, i love film. i love its boundaries and i love its freedoms. i find few art forms that hold as much potential to both tell story and provide the visuals that, often on their own, can be quite impactful.

along with that, i find it interesting to know a lot about movies, past, present, and future. people like what they like and that's all there is to it. for the life of me, i can't figure out why certain people don't like certain movies to the extent that i do. likewise, i've had people recommend certain movies to me, or else describe what a wonderful experience they had with a certain picture, and once i've seen the same movie i can't, for the life of me, understand what's so damn special about "this" or "that".

but what bugs me even more is people who define, for me, what does or does not qualify me to be a movie or film buff. guess what, people, my attempt to avoid certain titles or dislike of them, or disinterest in them, does not disqualify me for the label of "movie buff". as a matter of fact, i can argue that, for certain titles, the fact that i choose to avoid them may be the decision that specifically is the reason i should consider myself a buff (*cough* *catwoman*).

yes, people have made statements about my qualifications that, for the most part, they were joking about. well, that makes me feel much better...


Blogger Aslan said...

Interesting that you mention this. I was talking to someone the other day, and during this conversation i refered to you as a movie conosur (spelled wrong i am sure) Anyway yeah and that made me think about why I would place that label on you. Is it because you watch/own movies, is it because you have a passion for them?

The conversation resulted in us not being able to define what a 'movie conosur' is, which i think is different from a 'movie buff'. However we were able to agree that it shouldn't be based on how passionate a person is about movies, or how many they own. I beleive there is something to be said possibly for how many a person has watched, because they would have knowledge of other movies and be able to rate them against other movies that are similar.

How though do we take this person's opinion so serious because despite the fact that they can have extensive knowledge of movies, their opinion is still their opinion, and is going to be affected by their world view, and events that have shapped there life. (such as having a special place for Star Wars)

trying to buff up........

8/26/2004 12:52 AM  
Blogger johnny m said...

i'm not sure what the difference would be between "conoseur" (sp?) and a "buff". i'm not even sure there is a difference. i think it's possible that "conoseur" just has connotations of something different.

in response to your thoughts about opinions...i think you're pretty much dead on. i think it's inappropriate to take a person's opinion as fact simply because they are considered an expert (e.g. media film critics). i have always tried not to allow people's opinions determine whether or not to see a movie or whether or not to like a movie (as you've clearly observed).

but it's different when one person's opinions are respected. for instance, even though i basically can't stand nearly all professional film critics, i usually respect roger ebert's opinions enough to listen to them. he often seems to pick up on things that i would miss, because of his experience (like what you were talking about).

to respect a person's opinion and take it into consideration is, in my own opinion, perfectly acceptable. but i don't believe in allowing another person's opinion (about anything) determine what your opinion will be. what do you think?

8/28/2004 12:04 AM  
Blogger Aslan said...

I agree. Like yourself I am someone who forms my own opinion of things. " I think therefore, I am".

8/28/2004 3:38 AM  

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