Saturday, August 14, 2004

faith on a letter board

i was talking to a friend recently about "church signs". now, of course, some people know that the typical ones do more to keep people away than bring them in, so they don't bother trying to be funny and they just try to be sincere. this is admirable.

then there are others...i'm not sure who writes these things, but i think the ratio of horrible to even remotely clever is about 896:2. you have to ask yourself how the person at the church who slides the letters onto the board could possibly not know how ridiculous many of these things sound.

the most recent atrocity that comes to mind is "God answers knee-mail." Uh, earth to humorless guy, this isn't making your church look like the most happenin' place. now, i'm a church guy myself, so i'm writing about this from the inside. if churches have to have a sign board and can't put something funny (in a good way) or clever on the sign (e.g. "'Don't make me come down there!' -God"), then they need to stick to sincere.


Blogger Aslan said...

I agree with you about church signs, I have seen some terrible signs recently. I don't know if Christians are just meant to come across as lame or what, but yeah. I saw a church sign the other day that read "Don't worry Moses was a basket case too." Like seriously come on now. I also saw a sign that read "Body piercing can save your life." Now i have a bias as i like body piercings. What I find intersting is that one of the major piercing shops in Winnipeg has a photo of that church sign with the shops employers all around it, displayed in their booth with all their jewelry which is for sale. So we now have a secular group that is excited about this church sign, and is promoting it in their establishment, but how many people secular or christian understand the point of what the sign was trying to say? But yeah the fact that it is being seen by a sub culture that might be turned off of church interests me. Anyway yeah, i will keep you updated if i find any more lame or good signs.

8/23/2004 2:20 PM  
Blogger youtoo said...

Christians have a hard enough time gaining credibilty in this world those cheesy churhc signs sure don't help the situation. Now I must admit for a year or so I was the church sign guy. Now I must admit I had to pick from an approved list but thankfully in my opinion anyways I was able to avoid such horrendous schlock. I think churhces should stick to inspiration quotes rather than the "clever" yet pathetic atttempts to look hip. THey fail miserably and make the offending churches look incredibly desperate to be relevant.
One of the worsed sign I can remeber is "This church is prayer conditioned". It would be interesting to keep a running posting of the worst signs.

8/23/2004 10:32 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

it's interesting that a body art facility picked up on that church sign. i hadn't heard about that. you're right in wondering if they even understood what the sign meant. yet, i'm not sure if that justifies having a bad joke on a sign. then again, that particular one isn't the lamest one that i've heard.

in regards to "youtoo's" comment, i think your word choice is particularly appropriate. such a church would definitely have to be the "offending" church. i'm actually offended when churches abuse their sign boards by writing bad jokes.

8/25/2004 7:30 PM  

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