Wednesday, September 01, 2004

men on film

there may not be that many of you out there who care enough about film to really care about the extras on dvds. some of you just like the better picture or better sound. great...this rant won't make sense to you.

i'm getting tired of the way dvd extras are being produced and the kind of extras that are being produced. in this viewer's opinion, dvd producers, movie studios, et cetera...if you're going to include commentary, it's a good idea to have something like "technical commentary" as a secondary option to "director" or "cast" you're doing something right. but how about more cast and less crew on the primary commentaries? and i'm not talking about the 2nd or 3rd supporting roles. i don't care if certain actors are reluctant to do the commentaries...get them done!

also, how about having more than 2 people on the main commentary gathered in the same room...actually interacting with what other people are saying. you want some examples?! fight club, good will hunting, lotr extended editions, these are cast commentaries done right (in case some of you didn't catch it, those are recommendations for you to go out and see those dvds with commentary...they're sometimes funny and often enlightening).

also, one quick last note (yes, i could keep going, but i want many of you to come back for future rants...), "theatrical trailer", "dolby surround", "widescreen", "cast bios"...none of these qualifies as a "special feature" anymore. maybe when dvds were first mass-produced in, like, 1997, these were considered "special", but now they are just standard. if you're making dvds and not including these kinds of things, you're wasting your time and ours.


Blogger Aslan said...

I am not nearly the movie 'buff' you are however i will once again say "Well ranted!".
If you are going to do something do it right!

9/01/2004 2:17 AM  
Blogger punkrockpaul said...

what up all? ok. fight club is and always will be the best commentary of all time. hands down. with regards to the 'special feature' comment, this is what i think. of course special features are standard fare...but look at spiderman, you and me both got the twice over from that deluxe piece of crap edition! the only reason dvds aren't put out with special features now adays is so they can make more money down the road when they sucker you into buying the 'new deluxe edition'. ok, i wanted to comment on the difference between 'buff' and 'connoisseur' (2 'n's?). i'd probably fall closer to buff, cause i'll watch anything since i am and always will be indifferent about movies (which has never put me off of movie watching, not ever!) Mr. Rant, i think, and correct me if i'm wrong, would be a connoisseur because you make more difinitive choices, as well as more movie purchases with the intention of watching all of the features on the dvd as well. (i watch the features too, but own way less movies than you do!!!) ok, i'll be waiting for a reply!

9/12/2004 8:55 PM  
Blogger adangomiadonye said...

Recently I got into the dvd scene, purchased a player and 5 dvds. Next to having to wait for the credits to be played at the beginning of each dvd, the second thing I hate is those stupid dvd extras. I mean, come on, put something interesting in there. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either. Be creative. Think outside the box for crying out loud! Out of the 5 dvds I own the most interesting extra is a cartoon storyboard... that my friends is WEAK!

9/14/2004 10:45 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

punkrockpaul, regarding spider-man, granted, i felt a little screwed by that purchase (considering the fact that i already owned it and sold the original for this one...which, i think, is what you were referring to).

however, i probably felt less screwed than you did given that, from what you told me once, you had already paid to see spider-man 2, before you bought the deluxe ed. i, on the other hand, saw it the first time with my free ticket from the deluxe ed. so, all things considered, i only ended up paying out an extra $10 for the deluxe (purchase price, minus money obtained from selling original, minus money saved from free movie ticket, equals around $10).

that said, it has to be understood that your conspiracy theory about timely dvd releases is only partially applicable (some special, or "collector's", editions are actually worth buying depending on your views of the additional features (e.g. the new edition of goodfellas is worth the purchase strictly for the commentary with henry hill).

regarding buff vs. connoisseur (i think your spelling was correct), i actually didn't think there was much of a difference. whichever is the one that's more serious about the impact of film, that's the one i aspire to be.

regarding adango's comments, you know, it really depends what would be meaningful for you. it certainly sounds like you've had kind of a bad run if the most extensive feature in your collection is a storyboard feature. it'd be interesting to hear what your 5 dvds are and what you would find to be a worthwhile special feature. if you're interested, feel free to elaborate.

9/16/2004 9:08 PM  

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