Saturday, August 14, 2004

car snobs

i have a friend that i call a car snob. let me elaborate. this friend of mine holds prejudice against all "domestic" cars no matter who the maker is, where the car is made, what the reviews say, what people who have driven a given domestic say, etc.

of course, there are exceptions to every rule. he will, in the very least, admit that the '67 ford mustang was a great car, but upon hearing that ford has made certain improvements to the newest show model, he will inevitably scoff.

then there's this other guy i know, let's just say it's not in my best interest to indicate how or from where i know him (it involves financial income). upon hearing that my current favorite somewhat affordable car is the PT Cruiser, he cynically commented that the PT cruiser is built on the fram of a Neon. well, even if this is true, the last i checked it wasn't the frame of the Neon that some people complain about. never mind all the positive reviews and fairly good reports on road tests, "this thing's got the frame of a Neon!"

somewhere along the way, the following equations became commonly accepted: domestic=bad, import=good. it could be that imports are generally more reliable than domestics, but to treat any "rule" as perfectly consistent is just plain tomfoolery!

i'm driving a domestic that's been in the family since '89 (when it was purchased as new). we have never had to do any major work to it. it's at 260000+ km, and still going. now, we haven't exactly taken care of it either. it has some minor problems, but i know those who have imports that were released around the same time as my car and are having twice as many problems.

note to car snobs: CHILL!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends VW has caused her nothing but problems... as with my other friends Civic. seriously, I'm not a fan of domestics either. My 92 lemans has cost me 1500 since I bought it a year ago... my point is, every car can be sucky. It's more than the make or model, it's down to the individual car. No point judging a car by it's make or model. I'm sure there's even a good Lada out there somewhere.

8/19/2004 8:27 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

da...lada ees good car

8/20/2004 8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, don't buy anything based on what others will think or say... that is garbage. I agree with the general concensus among consumers is that imports
are superior to domestics. This conclusion is supported by various independent reviews such as consumer reports.

9/14/2004 1:47 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

yes, it's true that "independant" reviewers have made those kinds of statements. but many people don't even feel imports are superior because car critics say so, they believe it because they heard it "from somewhere". my issue isn't even with a "general consensus", what pisses me off is people who say that, no matter what the domestic, imports are always better, new or used (note: many "domestics" are made by the same companies that make "imports" and vice versa, so the craftsmanship is exactly the same). that's a load of crap.

9/14/2004 1:58 PM  

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