Saturday, August 14, 2004

phone rage

i'm not even sure i can make this rant coherent (well, even as relatively coherent as the others).

i was driving home from work the other day when, after moving into a right turn lane i realized there was a guy on a bike ahead of me who was moving very slowly. i tried to see if i could evaluate what his particular damage was when i realized that...this rush hour traffic...was driving his bike with one hand and holding his CELL PHONE TO HIS EAR WITH THE OTHER!!!

am i wrong or is this particularly stupid?! you're on a bike! there are large, multi-ton vehicles driving all around you that could, if given even a second, destroy you.

i won't even get into people who drive cars and have long, non-handsfree, conversations on cell phones here. if you are on a bike, get off the phone!


Blogger Aslan said...

After reading about our friend on the bike, it made me think. I enjoy building bicycles and cruising around on them. I agree that talking on the phone isn't so smart. however think of all the times you rode down the street on your bike with a slurpee when you where young. Anyway the point I wanted to make was that it is frustrating as a biker not to have proper respect given to us on the road. Society is all about living healthier and yet when people do so in the form is biking they get such a hassle from motorists. Yet there is nowhere else for us to ride.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

8/22/2004 2:34 PM  
Blogger youtoo said...

The relative stupidity of this gentleman on the bike really depends on the street he is on. If he is on Henderson Hwy, main st. or something he is a absolute idiot. But if it was on a side residential street I would give him a break.

8/23/2004 10:21 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

in response to youtoo, rush hour traffic doesn't really affect residential streets that much. if it was a residential street, i probably wouldn't give this guy a second thought.

to aslan: yes, the guy on the bike made me think, too. he made me think about clipping him as i drove by. it wasn't just so much that there was a bike on the road. i'm sure both bikers and vehicle drivers alike said a collective "d'oh!" when winnipeg passed a law to make it illegal to drive a bike on the sidewalk.

your reminder about me riding my bike with a slurpee in my hand was strangely irrelevant. don't forget, when i was a kid we were allowed to ride our bikes on the sidewalk, and to ride on the street was to expect the opportunity for vengeful drivers to run into us. so we never got in the way of other drivers. also, i seriously doubt that i would have driven at a snail's pace in RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC just because i had a slurpee in my hands.

also, you speak of respect that bikers should be shown. however, do bikers often show respect to vehicles? actually, that raises an intersting point that i was planning to rant on in the very near future. stay tuned.

8/25/2004 7:22 PM  

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