Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"i'll have the mcdeal and...uh, some cash."

you may have heard of a tv show called "world's dumbest criminals", how about "world's laziest criminals"? now, i know that crime isn't exactly pulled off by hard working individuals, but i heard something recently that was more ridiculous than anything i'd heard before.

this guy pulls up to a mcdonald's drive-thru window, points a gun at the clerk and demands money. is this what criminals have sunk to? i mean, this is lazy, really really lazy. yeah, yeah, sure, there's the convenience of already being in the get-away car, but there's no excuse for being this lazy.

what, you were on the couch at home and wondered if there was a way to still sit on your ass and make money?! if you're gonna threaten someone's life and possibly put them in a position whereby they will have to change their pants after visiting with you, at least meet them half-way and get out of the damn car! "hey...uh, i don't want to get up or anything, but you may die if i don't get some cash."

jackass, this is the easiest money most people would ever make, at least get up to do it!
(note: the previous entire rant may be based on false pretenses. criminal may not actually have been driving. still, the world's most convenient way to get food is a stupid place to commit crime...put some thought into it next time).


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