Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Toast to the Host Who Boasts the Best Roast

I could be mistaken, but I was under the impression that celebrity roasts were originally done for the purpose of paying tribute to a particular celebrity by their friends and peers. This would be done by accentuating all kinds of things about the subject in a funny, sort of mocking way. It would be making fun of them, but usually with love (and not just for the sake of mocking them).

Recently, I was looking at DVDs (see last post) and noticed something that I had only recently heard about. Comedy Central broadcasted a roast of Pamela Anderson that has now been released on DVD. A roast (tribute?) of...Pamela "I have boobies" Anderson. What?!

This made me realize that either the whole world has gone crazy and somehow thinks that Pam has done something worthy of paying tribute to (best cleavage?), or the nature of celebrity roasts has changed. I am leaning toward the second option, which would have to mean that roasts are now done probably of just about any pop culture icon and strictly for the purpose of pointing out how ridiculous that person is.

This leads me to think that people are just being lazy. I mean, really, is it that difficult to think of jokes to make fun of Pam? I'm guessing there were probably about 200 boob jokes, and several jokes about the infamous video tape that was released of her and Tommy Lee doing it. The only challenge in roasting Pamela Anderson would be the time limit that they probably had because there's only so much show that they can put on TV. The editor probably had the hardest time. "There's just so many jokes...too many...jokes...can't ones."

Those who know me know that I'm rarely critical of the antics of Hollywood (seriously), but this time...come on! Try harder next time, challenge yourself. I know you can do better.


Blogger Shiny Beamer said...

you are a bloggin maniac lately! Good job! Have a great trip to BC, bro! Hope you have an awesome time.

3/10/2006 9:50 AM  

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