Monday, March 06, 2006

It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp

aka "Martin Scorsese 0, Three-Six Mafia 1" (you said it Jon)

(Disclaimer: This isn't really a rant)

Well, the Oscars are over once again. No really big surprises I guess...except for 1, perhaps. While the Academy didn't get a chance to spit on Martin Scorsese this year (that's what happens when he doesn't release one), they did get a chance to tell the world what it's all about.

For those who didn't see Hustle and Flow, it's a movie about a man whose profession is being a pimp, but whose dream is to be an accomplished rapper. The movie includes a song that the character writes called "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp".

The song was nominated for the Oscars this year and was performed on stage at the presentation by a group called Three-Six Mafia. Despite more likely songs being nominated along side it, the song won. From the way Three-Six Mafia celebrated the award, you'd think they just signed a $100 million record contract. They were truly grateful...and speechless for the first few seconds after dancing their way to the podium.

I, for one, am glad they won the award (I haven't been this happy since Eminem's song won for 8 Mile), but I can't help to wonder what this indicates about the academy. The jokes about a song by that title even being nominated probably still haven't stopped. Jon Stewart couldn't believe what was happening (he was at least somewhat pleasantly surprised, I think). In his words, "I think it just got a little easier out here for a pimp!"

Good for you Three-Six Mafia, if Scorsese doesn't win for his brilliant least your win will make some people in Hollywood just uncomfortable enough.


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