Tuesday, November 02, 2004

me against you

what's been getting me lately is opinions. actually, this beef has been building for a long time.

everytime someone disagrees with you, they'll say something like "that's just an opinion." as if to say, "there's no right answer here, just preferences."

what a load of crap! so what if it's just an opinion? since when can't opinions be right or wrong?

hitler had some opinions of people that were different, does that mean they were ok...because they were opinions? no? so, what, in some cases opinions are absolutely wrong?

martin luther king, jr. had some opinions about how all people should be treated by a certain standard, but was that just an opinion?

just because you can't figure out who's right, doesn't mean someone isn't right. maybe that's just your opinion.

that's it, i'm done!


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