Sunday, October 31, 2004

Another Link in the Chain

something i've been wondering lately is why people create chain letters.

there are a lot of people who pass them on. mostly it would seem that they're passed on because of promises made by the letter that they don't wanna miss out on (hell, i've even done the "microsoft will send you money if you pass this on" letter). and they do it even though previous attempts to get stuff by passing on chain letters hasn't exactly been...profitable.

but what about people who create the letters. what on earth do these people have to gain from creating a letter that says "you'll be lucky if you annoy 10 other people by sending this to them." they don't get the satisfaction of seeing that they suckered people into false hope. so why do they do it?

i would even ask the same question of some people that write virus or worm code. unless the worm causes a denial-of-service attack on some huge company's website, wouldn't writing something like that pretty much just be...masturbation?

maybe we should consider putting all of our resources to hunting them down while bin laden is still being hunted. at least we'll catch some of the hackers!...jerks.


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