Friday, November 19, 2004

complaint department's closed!

one thing i've been getting real tired of is complainers. but not just any complainers. it's one thing for someone to just complain about something. hell, i do it all the time. i get tired of people complaining about people who complain! do you see the damn irony in that!?

for instance, some celebrities find it hard to deal with the stuff that comes with their territory. so they talk about how it's hard to go out sometimes. they talk about how they'd love just to be able to go out with friends or family without 1000 people bothering them. granted, "it comes with the territory."

for the first bit of their lives, most people who will eventually become celebrities are doing whatever it takes to get their foot in the door so they can get paid to do what they like to do. most of us can relate to that. shoot, would i love to get paid to sit here and write these rants for 8 hours a day? hell yeah, i'd love to...there would probably be a lot of rants that are better quality too, since i'd be spending more time on editing and such.

anyway, then these celebrities get signed to a big record label or get a big part in a movie or whatever. but then they blow up and their face is recognized everywhere they go. seriously, can you imagine not being able to go to the bathroom without having someone ask you for a favor or an autograph? i mean, it's a great thing to have people admire you and things, but the next thing you know some reporter is
going through your trash or has his camera lens in your bathroom window, taking pictures of you in the shower, or worse, because they want to give people dirt on your life.

but enough of that. the point is not that i feel sorry for them. only that, for the most part, i can understand where they're coming from. because it's not possible to do something they enjoy without those circumstances coming with the territory. they can't have one without the other. the mentality is that if you are willing to become so good at what you do that you're world famous, you deserve to have no privacy and no free life (yes, ben affleck and jennifer lopez are a prime example). it's completely ridiculous.

you know i read an article written by two people all about what ben affleck should do next with his life and who he should and shouldn't date!? who cares what girl ben affleck dates? is there any reason people are so intent on following this guy's life, especially since most of them claim to hate him so much? don't even get me started on that whole "bennifer" thing, what a ridiculous joke.

so good charlotte, and all you other jerks that act like you wouldn't be saying the same things as those celebrities if you were in their positions can all shut your holes! you're all full of it. get your own damn lives. maybe if you pay more attention to your own business, you wouldn't be so much of a jerk.

look, now you got me complaining!


Blogger Aslan said...

Oh my goodness this rant is getting a rant reply if there was ever going to be one. Howver you will have to wait, i read this while waiting for a friend, and it is now time to go, but when i return a rant will be had!

11/22/2004 4:53 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

bring the noise!

11/23/2004 7:25 PM  
Blogger Aslan said...

I can't beleive you actually want people to feel sympathetic for these people. Honestly give your head a shake. The are hi and lows to every job and profession and most people if they are intelligent will look into what these tend to be. Entertainers know the social implications of their actions of chossing to be in the public eye. Hello that was their choice! I'm not saying that the media isn't ridiculus, (as my recent experience with them has taught me). However i still say they made a choice knowing the implications, now they have to live with it.

12/16/2004 4:12 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. i wasn't saying that they deserve more sympathy than anyone else would, but to say that they deserve all the negatives that come with their profession is completely stupid.

you wanna go up to a cop who's had his family threatened by some guy that he arrested and say, "well, you were asking for it when you became a police officer"? (note: if you answer yes to that question, get some help buddy).

and, let me stop you before you start saying how different that is, because a celebrity's family is equally effected by their relative's fame.

oh, and don't let me ever hear you complaining about your job, cuz i know that you knew the ups and downs before you got into it.

12/21/2004 3:21 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

you know what, there's no way you would ever know unless you had the media up your ass day and night. take your little press experience and multiply that by 365, cuz it happens year round. at first, you'd be like "i don't care, let them follow me and take my picture, and call me, and call my family...". i guarantee that you'd be singing a different tune within a week. go ahead, deny it...liar.

12/22/2004 9:05 AM  

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