Tuesday, November 02, 2004

57 varieties of stupid

you know how some people apologize for something without actually apologizing? this is when people "apologize" but qualify their apology so as to still maintain some false sense of pride?

recently, john kerry's wife said something really stupid. something that demonstrated how ridiculously self-important she really is. a newspaper reporter, in the middle of an interview with mrs. heinz-kerry, asked what the differences between her and mrs. bush are. granted, who the hell cares, but let's humor the reporter and assume there's some indecipherable relevant reason for asking such a dumb question. irregardless...mrs. kerry's answer? "i don't believe laura bush has ever held a real job."

i don't know where to begin with what's wrong with that statement. first of all, what the hell does that have to do with personalities or character (an aspect implicit to the question being asked)?! second, is it really any of mrs. kerry's business who has held what jobs?
this is indicative of the problem with jerks. they make assumptions and they look down their noses at other people because of those assumptions (which often aren't true).

so, anyway, now comes the apology. a day or two later, mrs. kerry makes a statement of supposed apology. "oops! i was wrong. i forgot she was a school teacher for 10 years and has always been a dedicated wife and mother for a long time. and being a homemaker is hard, which is something that i know a lot about." (warning: quotes are paraphrases which are written to be as close to actual statement as possible).

how does someone actually go from one extreme to the other? does she really expect us to believe that, within a couple of days, she goes from being somewhat of a bigot to a compassionate person?

sometimes, people say stupid things. then, to apologize for the stupid things they said, they say other stupid things. do you think it might just be better if they shut up?


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