Tuesday, July 20, 2004

the value of change

i'll do my best to keep this short.  values just aren't what they used to be.
here's where i'm coming from.  my wife just got back from a trip a few weeks back.  she took an airplane to get where she was going.  it just so happens that on the flight back home she was seated next to some guy.  we'll call him joe clueless.  this guy strikes up a conversation.  being the really polite woman that my wife is, she plays along.  apparently, this guy's just really lonely.  fine.  no problem here.
well, the conversation progresses and he discovers that this lovely lady is married.  conversation continues and nothing seems out of the ordinary.
then toward the end of the conversation, he writes his PHONE NUMBER down on a piece of paper and says, "if your husband wouldn't mind, i'd like to go for coffee with you some time."  he didn't say, "hey, you seem nice, i'd love to get together with you and YOUR HUSBAND some time."  this low-life suggested the idea of taking just my wife out.  what is this, Indecent Proposal?
i know you'll call me old school for saying this, so don't bother with it in the comments section, but where are the values and morals in today's society?!  i don't give two cents worth if this guy was well meaning (as my wife still believes).  as one of my favorite movie characters once said, "ain't the question!"  someone who asks a married woman out, by herself, even just on a coffee date, is a bottom feeder.  plain and simple.  and i know it's been happening for years, but when it happens to your wife you get some perspective on the situation.
you can say that the loosening of censorship rules in entertainment, or the way women dress today, is a sure sign that somebody flushed and we're on the way down, but a definite clue is when a guy finds out that a woman is married and still tries to score some private face time..."if your husband wouldn't mind..."...ugh...gagh...oh, i'm chokin on my own rage here!


Blogger QueifenSTEIN said...

Hey man,
My name is Mike
I was reeading ur blog.
ive had similar situations but with girlfreinds.
find that guy and beat his ass. alos- and im not saying that ur wife insn trustworthy, cuz i dont know yall.but i am saying that women are just blinded by guys who hit on them and sometimes subconsciously be in denial

8/23/2004 10:36 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

hey mike. thanks for your comment.

my first inclination was to "find that guy and beat his ass," (i did have his phone number) but that may be perceived as aggravated assault. but i think you're right on the money with your comment about women being hit on. either they're in denial, or else they may like being hit on just enough and may convince themselves that "it's just a little innocent flirting."

8/25/2004 7:39 PM  

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