Monday, July 19, 2004

ridiculous idol

lately i've become more and more sad about mainstream pop music.  for most of us, just the name "pop music" conjures images of bubble gum and pig tails (what?!).  is it just me or has it always been this manufactured?  and the record buying public are total sheep most of the time.
case in point: william hung.  for those of you who have no idea who this guy is, i'll tell you.  he tried out for that epitome of success in the american pop music industry, american idol.  it just so happens that the day he auditioned, there was no female judge to try and cushion the blow launched by the two male judges.  let's just say the two attending judges wouldn't have poured water on this guy if he was on fire.  i can say for sure that i have no argument there, poor old willie couldn't sing on key to save his dying mother.  and, like most american idol rejects, you figure you'll never hear from him again.
the problem (?) is, he was too damn likable.  so likable in fact that he got his own record contract.  a few months, and many record-company-sponsored singing lessons, later and he was no better than he started out being.  he can still make your ears bleed with the best of them.  but they put his voice on CD (to a few already established pop hits such as "she bangs" and "YMCA"), put his face on the cover, and put the package in record stores.  a few promotional appearances and the man is a star!
i don't care if people know he's a horrible singer and just buy the record for the novelty of it, it's still supporting the american record industry's latest experiment.  they've been putting out crap in the name of pop music for years (...celine dion...) and people have been eating it up with a shovel because the people with record contracts (for the most part) can sing on key.  so they figure, "hey, let's put out some just-plain-shite and see if those zombies will still buy it!"  well, guess what?  it worked.  in the first week alone that lovable chinese man's objectionable song collection sold 40,000 copies...40!!  thousand!!!
people, for the love of all that is good, THIS MUST END!


Blogger Kyle said...

You'd think after the death of Wesley Willis (rip), the general public would have gotten over such a fixation with music that sucks. Willis was three times the goofball that Hung will ever be. Plus, at least he wrote his own songs. Now tell me... what's the better song?
"She bangs - She bangs..." or,
"You are a rockin' maniac.
You are a singin' hyena.
You are a rock star in Jesus' name.
You can really rock Sadam Hussein's ass.
You are so lovable to me in the long run.
I mean, how can you compete with that? Or like, a song called 'I whooped batman's ass'?
Hung has nothing on Willis.

7/22/2004 12:15 AM  
Blogger johnny m said...

you hit the nail on the head. as i was writing that post, i thought of wesley willis. but what were his sales numbers? i mean, most people have either never heard of or wouldn't remember wesley willis. he was just a hobo with a record contract. i don't recall any tv promotion of wesley willis on tv. i don't remember seeing him or hearing about him being on leno. if they did promote him, they didn't put half as much effort into it as they did with hung. what does that indicate? that record companies think we're more into crappy music than we were back then? i'm not sure what it indicates, but i feel kinda bad for hung and the exploitation that they have exposed him to. i know, i know, he probably made some money...good for him. i doubt that wes got the money he deserved for the exploitation that they attempted to expose him to. rest in peace indeed...

7/25/2004 8:33 PM  

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