Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you're taking this job too seriously

alright, not sure if there's much to this one, but it really pissed me off.

so i bought breakfast in the lunchroom at work. the food isn't too bad. they have a breakfast item called "the mini". it's one egg, 1 piece of bacon or sausage, some hashbrowns, and one piece of toast. it's quite inexpensive at under 2 dollars ($1.58 i believe). it was discovered, some time ago, that getting a double-mini would be less expensive than the regular breakfast and it actually gets you just as much food. i don't know when this discovery was made, or by whom, but some versions of the story feature a little known mythical creature called the unicorn.

in either case, i got a double-mini this morning. when i arrived at the register to pay for my meal, the cashier did a double take. when i clarified that it was the double mini, she said the following ridiculous words, "you have 3 pieces of bacon, i'll have to charge you for the regular breakfast." wait...what? yeah, that's right. because the cook accidentally gave me 3 pieces of bacon, instead of 2, i had to be charged full price.

well, i know what you're thinking. it doesn't get any more insane than that. you're wrong! when i told her that i asked the cook for a double mini and all i had was what he gave me, she replied "well, if you throw away the 3rd piece of bacon, i'll only charge you for the double-mini." that's when i laughed at her as i threw away 1 piece of bacon. after tax the regular breakfast is an extra 47 cents. no big deal right? but when you consider that the extra 47 cents would be charged just because of 1 piece of bacon...

this was the dumbest thing i had heard someone say today! and i work in customer service...i hear a lot of stupid things! you want to charge me an extra 47 cents for 1 piece of bacon?! are you retarded?!!! wait, don't answer that. it's a rhetorical question. you need a vacation. is there a bacon shortage of some kind? are you protecting the bacon? you must have trouble keeping it. perhaps there was a recent labor dispute where your boss told you there would be a pay cut in order to afford more bacon. do you hate bacon? don't punish me because i like bacon!!! oh, oh, wait...is it magic bacon??? here, here's a nickel, just let me keep the damn bacon. surely it can't cost your business more than that!


Blogger adangomiadonye said...

Hey Rudy... once again, great rant! I love bacon as well. It was one of the first things I picked up when I started shopping to fill up the fridge for the first time... it's a necessity in my mind. Wow, if you need any, you're welcome to it. I can't believe she made you thow it out. GONG!

2/01/2007 9:38 PM  
Blogger pxpaulx said...

must've been a teenager, only teenagers are that dumb. how does it affect them, are they losing out business? and on the same note, it has already been dispensed, isn't the loss of a bacon worth a happy repeat customer? (poor grammar was used in the last sentence for emfacis, sp mine). cashiers are so dumb, i was once a cashier, and a teenager, and dumb (the last is still out for debate).

ok, and i'm all about getting more for less, you know me i cant pass up a good deal. like, why would i get a big mac meal for $4.19 when i can have a double cheeseburger meal for $3.19? oh right, its that...3rd...bun...hahahahha!

this brings me back to the bologna theory (ok, you asked - one time i was shopping w/the fiance [this was pre-marriage] and her mom, as we were broke then and Rachel needed some groceries. her mom looks at 2 packs of bologna, a small pack (lets say 4oz for $1.59) and a large one on sale (16oz for $1.99). she got the frickin small one! let the record show i will always buy the best deal, even if it is more, this is only reasonable and i labelled it the bologna theory). The bologna theory can be reversed if you like, or made to fit this situation through interpretation, but the constant is that it only applies to food. and electronics.

thank you.

Rudy, this was very enjoyable, you need to rant about the little things more often!

ok, i have a rant. i'm a salary employee, so that should mean that once my work is done i can leave or do what i want. but it doesn't. i work a 40hr work week even though i do way more work than some of the dumb people i work with (see the first paragraph and replace 'cashier' with 'former bank tellers'). the point of being an exempt or salaried employee is that you have a quota, but thats not how it works with us. thats ok because i got a secret raise in december that only a few people got so =P. onto my real point. today we're in our every-other-weekly (semi?) meeting, and are told that a project is coming up that will require everyone to work an extra hour for 2 weeks.

guess what, i can just surf the internet an hour less, get more work done than everyone else and still do that project work, so why am i (and several others) slapped with 'more hours' (i'm not supposed to be hourly!), while the management fail to address the real problem, other people's inability to buckle their frickin bootstraps?! oh, and the best part of all, this whole topic was 'prefaced' by the fact that 'management lets us take vacation days whenever we need to' - wait, you mean i can take the vacation days...that...i earned through hard work in the first place? thank you very much. tell you what, next year i'll take sept. 23 off instead of the day after thanksgiving and we'll call it even (in case you didn't know, thanksgiving in the US isn't like Canada, its just a precursor to shopping and there is football on a different day of the week). ok, i like my job i like my job i like my job (secretly I hope that Rachel makes lots of money at her new job when she gets hired off the temp agency so i can quit and become a fulltime photographer, woohoo!).

maybe i need my own blog.

when were you thinking about fargo again? its too cold right now!

2/01/2007 10:21 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

wow, paulie...you should definitely have your own blog. tell me if you do it, you clearly have the stream of consciousness necessary to make it good.

the extra hour thing is awesomeless. people who do the job well (the few) always suffer due to the mass retardation of the people who barely do the job (the many).

by the way, the bologna thing pissed me off. i woulda had words with my mom-in-law had she made a similar decision. oh, and i have removed your brain fart comments (like you didn't notice). finally, fargo is going to be either march 29th through april 1 or march 30th through april 1st.

2/02/2007 9:33 AM  
Blogger IndieFaith said...

nice post.

2/02/2007 11:55 AM  

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