Tuesday, October 10, 2006

can't type...too busy cursing!

alright, now i'm pissed. this post won't be very long, simply because i know a few people read this blog that don't appreciate curse words. i assure you that if this was still back in the day, i would post a little more freely.

that said, i hope those CBS bastards get what's coming to them! clearly, CBS understands that NBC is going to kill them this year and is too scared to commit to decent shows in the face of slow audience response.

what am i ranting about? i'll tell you. the new show Smith, starring the fantastic actor Ray Liotta and his crew of thieves, started this season. really, CBS has 2, maybe 3 good shows including Smith. the plot was intriguing and multi-faceted. it was decent, thought provoking TV. well, now it's cancelled and i can barely contain my rage.

do you smell the bile CBS? it's racing up through my esophagus just so i can spew it at you!


Blogger tan said...

sorry to hear that your show was cancelled. Hope you find something good to replace it with.

10/10/2006 1:27 PM  

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