Friday, August 18, 2006

An Open Letter to the Makers of Outburst

for those in the dark, outburst is a board game. this post is an open letter to those that wrote the questions and answers...

Dear Makers of Outburst,

You people are idiots. Furthermore, I know retarded monkeys who would be more capable of writing questions and answers for board games than you.

One question in the version I played involved naming celebrities who used only one name. Madonna was not on it. Fine, I thought, perhaps this particular version was made prior to Madonna becoming truly famous. Nope! A question further down the line involved naming Celebrities with beautiful eyes. And, yes, Madonna was on that bloody list!

How about non-animated Disney Movies? Well, it's a little obscure but, ok, I watched a few of those as a child. What's that? Mary Poppins doesn't frigging count because there is some animation in it?! Oh, fine, I already think you people are morons but I'll go along. Pollyanna? Not there. Escape from Witch Mountain? Not THERE! Return to Witch Mountain? not bleeding there! What was there? How about SON OF FLUBBER?!

You people should all be fired and re-hired only under the condition that you serve drinks to those who are actually qualified to write questions and answers for these kinds of games. I hope you all suffer til the end!


Blogger Shiny Beamer said...

and yet some of us had fun!

8/19/2006 1:35 PM  
Blogger IndieFaith said...

nice post . . . good times. good on yah for those guys finally posting your reviews.

8/19/2006 8:14 PM  

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