Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Dog!

okay, okay, it sounds stupid. i caught myself coveting a person's dog(s) the other day. see, sometimes when i walk my dog, a person on my block also happens to be walking her dogs (twin huskies, pure bred).

i almost cower in shame when i see them though, because my dog is, well, mangey (without the that how you spell mangey?...pron. main-gee...), and her dogs are always well groomed and perfectly behaved.

my dog jumps all over any dog that she comes across (not in a sexual way, just in an "hey, it's great to see you!!!" kind of way).

my dog is whiney and barks a lot (and apparently sometimes howls when my wife and i go away). i have never heard a peep out of her dogs.

now, don't get me wrong, this woman clearly takes pride in her dogs and wants them to be neatly groomed. however, she has never once acted superior or condescending because i don't. she has never acted like her dogs are better than my dog, unlike a certain show poodle owner on our block.

but the last time i came across her on one of her dog-walks, i thought to myself, "man, it would be great to have such well behaved dogs!" it's not that i don't love my's just that...hell, i don't know what i'm trying to say...

is it wrong to covet my neighbor's dogs???


Blogger youtoo said...

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7/04/2004 1:15 PM  
Blogger youtoo said...

youtoo said...
Hey I just wanted to encourage you as you write these blogs. They are good, and fun to read. Although you might minimize them there is substance to them. Your stream of consciousness style of ranting puts a smile on my face. Keep it up.

By the way I agree that dogs in clothes is a little ridiculous. I also think that people that buy those little dogs that they carry around in bags or in their hand as if they were an accessory like a purse or a braclet is just wrong.
What is even worse is when these same people would never wear a fur coat yet they use their dog as a fashion accessory.

Keep it up.

7/04/2004 2:29 PM  
Blogger johnny m said...

hey, thanks for the "word up!" i appreciate your input. the thing is, if i minimized, it wouldn't be called "standardrant", it would be called "sustainedrant", or else "controlledrant", or perhaps even "rantonaleash". i hear what you're saying, i talk too much. i just can't help it...when i am writing a post i start out really reserved and laid back, but then i think "dog in parka" and i snap! keep the comments coming folks! don't forget, if you hate the blog you can always post anonymously.

7/06/2004 8:37 AM  

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