Sunday, July 29, 2007

i'm clean!...i mean, OW!

so there's this e-mail that's being passed around. a parent is trying to make people aware of how dangerous the "magic eraser" is. you know the magic eraser right? your kid draws on the wall with crayon...the magic eraser is supposed to be able to "erase" the crayon. well, when stupid people believe too much in the magic part, here's what happens.

this lady's story is all about how she didn't see any warnings on the label for the eraser and so she didn't see any problem letting her kids erase their own graffiti. yeah, that's right, she was too damn lazy to do the work herself so she just gave the eraser to her kids to do it for her. great lesson in taking responsibility.

only her kid didn't just use the eraser on the wall. he used it to get stuff off himself too. well, it turns out the "magic" isn't exactly witchcraft. the erasers have chemical(s) on them. can you guess what happened to the kid? that's right, chemical burns all over his arms and face. now she blames the makers of the erasers because they failed to tell her specifically that she shouldn't use it on skin.

now, i don't blame the kid. honestly, due to a lack of experience and depending on grown-ups to help kids learn what you should and shouldn't do kind of leaves kids naturally ignorant (yes, i wanted to use the word "stupid" but i now have a lot of friends who have kids and that might just offend them). but it's true, kids can't help the fact that they don't know better. well, some of them can't...and some are too stupid to learn from their repeated mistakes.

the real problem here is parental retardation (oh, did i also mention laziness?). listen, just because the damn things don't have warnings does not mean you should just let your kids handle them! they're household cleaning agents moron. did you really think they were just magic?! don't be so stupid next time. these are your kids, whom you're supposed to be protecting. this is YOUR fault.

so the next time you're too damn lazy to clean up after your kid, think. is this "magic" cleaner really magic or can it hurt my child/me? and, please, if there are those of you out there who are new to this whole parenting thing, learn from this parent's mistake. don't turn your kid into the next darwin award nominee.


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must be an american, haha.

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