Thursday, November 25, 2004


hey. still on a short break from ranting (basically, the break ends the next time i write a rant, which should be in the next couple days).

anyway, i've been toying with the idea of writing in a second blog for a while now. i basically decided that it was a good idea, since i keep getting ideas for pieces for the other blog and have nothing to do with them.

basically, my other blog will have a different theme than this one. it'll be more..."serious". not that i'm not serious about my rants, because, while i know that some people find them entertaining, to me they're 100% honest and the things that i think about.

but the other blog will be more about other things i think about. see, i consider myself a person of faith and feel like i want an outlet to write about the issues my faith (and my involvement in a faith community) inspires me to think about. that's all there is to it.

so if you know me as a person and like me, and prefer my more reflective side to my more reactive side, then my other blog will probably interest you more. of course, the pieces on my other blog will not be posted as frequently as i sometimes post rants (just because more reflective pieces take more time to write...given that i would be taking time to reflect). then again, nothing should keep you from, say, reading both of my blogs. but this is just to let you know that there will be another mistress in my life.

the link will be here and will also forever be in the description on the right-hand side of this blog (after the part where i tell you to "like it or lump it").

that's all for now, stay tuned for the next rant (in a couple of days, i promise).

inspired to conspire

i got a few rants up my sleeve right now, but i'm gonna take a break and instead just shoot out a little quote from the man who inspires me:

"you find me offensive, i find you offensive
for finding me offensive
hence, if i should draw the line any fences
if so to what extent if at any i should go
cause it's getting expensive
being on the other side of the courtroom on the defensive
they say i cause extensive
psychological nerve damage to the brain when i got to lengths this
far at other peoples' expenses.
i say you're all just too ******* sensitive it's censorship and it's
downright blasphemous
let's end this **** now cause i won't stand for this..."

-eminem, "rain man"

Friday, November 19, 2004

complaint department's closed!

one thing i've been getting real tired of is complainers. but not just any complainers. it's one thing for someone to just complain about something. hell, i do it all the time. i get tired of people complaining about people who complain! do you see the damn irony in that!?

for instance, some celebrities find it hard to deal with the stuff that comes with their territory. so they talk about how it's hard to go out sometimes. they talk about how they'd love just to be able to go out with friends or family without 1000 people bothering them. granted, "it comes with the territory."

for the first bit of their lives, most people who will eventually become celebrities are doing whatever it takes to get their foot in the door so they can get paid to do what they like to do. most of us can relate to that. shoot, would i love to get paid to sit here and write these rants for 8 hours a day? hell yeah, i'd love to...there would probably be a lot of rants that are better quality too, since i'd be spending more time on editing and such.

anyway, then these celebrities get signed to a big record label or get a big part in a movie or whatever. but then they blow up and their face is recognized everywhere they go. seriously, can you imagine not being able to go to the bathroom without having someone ask you for a favor or an autograph? i mean, it's a great thing to have people admire you and things, but the next thing you know some reporter is
going through your trash or has his camera lens in your bathroom window, taking pictures of you in the shower, or worse, because they want to give people dirt on your life.

but enough of that. the point is not that i feel sorry for them. only that, for the most part, i can understand where they're coming from. because it's not possible to do something they enjoy without those circumstances coming with the territory. they can't have one without the other. the mentality is that if you are willing to become so good at what you do that you're world famous, you deserve to have no privacy and no free life (yes, ben affleck and jennifer lopez are a prime example). it's completely ridiculous.

you know i read an article written by two people all about what ben affleck should do next with his life and who he should and shouldn't date!? who cares what girl ben affleck dates? is there any reason people are so intent on following this guy's life, especially since most of them claim to hate him so much? don't even get me started on that whole "bennifer" thing, what a ridiculous joke.

so good charlotte, and all you other jerks that act like you wouldn't be saying the same things as those celebrities if you were in their positions can all shut your holes! you're all full of it. get your own damn lives. maybe if you pay more attention to your own business, you wouldn't be so much of a jerk.

look, now you got me complaining!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

57 varieties of stupid

you know how some people apologize for something without actually apologizing? this is when people "apologize" but qualify their apology so as to still maintain some false sense of pride?

recently, john kerry's wife said something really stupid. something that demonstrated how ridiculously self-important she really is. a newspaper reporter, in the middle of an interview with mrs. heinz-kerry, asked what the differences between her and mrs. bush are. granted, who the hell cares, but let's humor the reporter and assume there's some indecipherable relevant reason for asking such a dumb question. irregardless...mrs. kerry's answer? "i don't believe laura bush has ever held a real job."

i don't know where to begin with what's wrong with that statement. first of all, what the hell does that have to do with personalities or character (an aspect implicit to the question being asked)?! second, is it really any of mrs. kerry's business who has held what jobs?
this is indicative of the problem with jerks. they make assumptions and they look down their noses at other people because of those assumptions (which often aren't true).

so, anyway, now comes the apology. a day or two later, mrs. kerry makes a statement of supposed apology. "oops! i was wrong. i forgot she was a school teacher for 10 years and has always been a dedicated wife and mother for a long time. and being a homemaker is hard, which is something that i know a lot about." (warning: quotes are paraphrases which are written to be as close to actual statement as possible).

how does someone actually go from one extreme to the other? does she really expect us to believe that, within a couple of days, she goes from being somewhat of a bigot to a compassionate person?

sometimes, people say stupid things. then, to apologize for the stupid things they said, they say other stupid things. do you think it might just be better if they shut up?

me against you

what's been getting me lately is opinions. actually, this beef has been building for a long time.

everytime someone disagrees with you, they'll say something like "that's just an opinion." as if to say, "there's no right answer here, just preferences."

what a load of crap! so what if it's just an opinion? since when can't opinions be right or wrong?

hitler had some opinions of people that were different, does that mean they were ok...because they were opinions? no? so, what, in some cases opinions are absolutely wrong?

martin luther king, jr. had some opinions about how all people should be treated by a certain standard, but was that just an opinion?

just because you can't figure out who's right, doesn't mean someone isn't right. maybe that's just your opinion.

that's it, i'm done!